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God's Royalty- 7 Spirits of God- Click For More Details

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Purchase of this manual will provide the password for the "7-Spirits" page giving you access to the teachings.

Isaiah 11:2 speaks of the 7-Spirits of God that every Believer in Jesus can walk in.

In this teaching you'll learn to...

1. Recognize the 7 different characteristics of the Holy Spirit.

2. Walk in the fullness of the Spirit.

3. Be the Royal Priesthood as written in 1 Peter 2:9.

4. Hear God's voice.

5. Fulfill the new Covenant.

We are the generation that will walk in the fullness of the Spirit which will allow the end-time revival to continue to bring in the greatest harvest of souls and glorify Jesus more than any time in world history.

This 40 page manual includes 20 private password videos with over 10 hours of teaching with 100's of scripture laying a solid foundation in the Word of God.

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