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The entire 18 session course all accessible on your device.

We will email you the digital copy of the manual and the HD videos.

New Wine, Finding Freedom a Training and Discipleship Course.

There is a coming move of God and we need to prepare for God's overwhelming Presence and the harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom.

This teaching will prepare you to experience...

1. The freedom promised in scripture

2. The Manifest Presence of God around you

3. Disciple others in the same.

The course comes with a...

40 page, spiral bound manual,

thumb-drive with high quality video,

5 hours of teaching through 18 sessions.

This teaching is GREAT on any scale. You can walk through it personally or with your family. You can set it as a home group experience or with your congregation.

Also, for groups of 20 or more, Torch Bearers will come and teach the course in person and you can take the manual and videos home with you.

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