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Larry Cole

I'm married to Carla with two grown children and two grandchildren. I've lived in Boone, NC for over 30 years.
Born again at the Brownsville Revival and a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, in Pensacola, FL. 
We started Appalachian House of Prayer April 1, 2012 out of a call from the Holy Spirit to prepare for Jesus to receive Glory throughout the earth more than any time in history.

I live to inspire and encourage leaders and the Body of Christ to believe for the "Greater Works" that Jesus promised. Greater works comes from greater workers who are greater because their identity isn't in their ministry, but instead, in His Presence.

  Often, I still feel the Loving Presence of the Lord as I did in the life changing meetings of the Brownsville Revival.

Prayer is truly a gift from God enabling His Children to have a relationship with Him. True and effective prayer involves us connecting with the whole Trinity, Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

  We don't pray so much to God as we do with Him. We're not trying to convince Him of our needs, but rather,  Pray with Him to see His will accomplished.

Leadership: Leadership
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