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When the Church learns what the New Covenant really is (Jeremiah 31/Hebrews 8) they will know God's Spirit like a best friend and fulfill God's desire since Moses was in Egypt to have a Royal Priesthood raised up in the earth to represent Him in power.

This is that!



  Appalachian House of Prayer was birthed from a dream. In the dream I saw a mountain that I knew was near Boone, NC. From this mountain was flowing a mighty river that had burst from the top of the mountain only 2 days prior. Within that 2 days a great canyon was carved out of the mountain by the force of the river and a multitude of Un-Believers had come to see what was happening.

  I stood before the multitude and told them, "This is the move of God's Spirit that we have been praying for." The entire multitude fell on their faces and began worshipping the Lord.

This is Revival! And it's coming. God is stirring the hearts of His people to believe for a move of God and we are joining in unison with the Word of God and His Spirit to see it come to pass.

More Than a
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A  Congregation  of  His  Presence

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