The Boone Healing Room

Every Tuesday 5:30-7:00

Ministering the
Power & Presence of God to everyone...
spirit, soul & body

While you’re here we want you to Rest, Relax and Receive.

Rest- Many people have been suffering in their physical bodies for a long time and it can be tiring and even exhausting. You have had to make adjustments in your lifestyle and normal routine and the prayer of faith can cause you to tire.

Relax- When someone is injured in an accident or confronted with a diagnosis suddenly our minds can run wild with all kinds of thoughts and our emotions can be overwhelmed with fear and worry.

Receive- Many people begin to pray for God to heal them and they’re not even sure if God wants to heal them.

You’ve been looking at all your options to find relief in your body, now let us do the fighting on your behalf…with prayer. Rest while you are here in God’s Presence and in our faith to see you healed. Relax as you experience Peace that will surpass your imagination. Receive the healing power of Jesus.

From their arrival at the Boone Healing Room most people say they,”Feel the Presence of God, an atmosphere of peace and the genuine compassion of the Healing Team”. We have set up 5 Stations of faith in a quick 15 minute process.

Station1 You’ll be assigned a “Pilot”, one who guides, to assist you through a process to help prepare you for the healing power of the Holy Spirit. 

Station 2 We’ll ask a few simple questions just so we know what you are being healed of this evening.

Station 3 Enjoy relaxing with some soft music to help take your focus off of your illness and magnify the Lord.

Station 4 Here is where the trained Healing Team will gently pray for you in the name of Jesus to be healed.

Station 5 This is where you’ll receive a free gift to take home to assist you in your walk of faith.



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